SELÇUKLU CLOTHING ACCESSORIES AND TEXTILE PRODUCTS INDUSTRY TRADE LTD. ŞTİ." to ŞTİ.  (hereinafter referred to as "BAD BEAR" or COMPANY").   the conditions stated in this "Clarification Text" shall apply to the usage and protection of the information we obtain about you and your services when visiting this website and using the services we provide through this website. By visiting this website and claiming to use the services we provide on this website, you agree to the terms stated in this "Clarification Text." Our company provides services in accordance with the No. 6698 Law on the Protection of Personal Data (LPPD) and other legislation. The following outlines the basic information on the protection of personal data transferred to our company as follows. In order to fulfill the disclosure obligation arising from article 10 of the No. 6698 Law on the Protection of Personal Data ("LPPD"), our Company informs our customers and third parties using our website about the following disclosures. “SELÇUKLU CLOTHING ACCESSORIES AND TEXTILE PRODUCTS INDUSTRY TRADE LTD. ŞTI. “ reserves the right to update this Clarification Text on the Protection of Personal Data on the basis of amendments to applicable legislation.

I. Purpose of the Clarification Text for protection and processing of personal data

There are regulations in various laws on the use of personal data. First of all, personal data protection principles were determined with LPPD. Furthermore, Law No. 6563 on the Regulation of Electronic Commerce contains a provision on the protection of personal data. The provisions of the Turkish Penal Code 5237 also foreseen criminal penalties in some cases for protection of personal data. On the other hand, data must be collected and used in order to fulfill our obligations arising from the Rule of Law and Distance Contracts on Protection of Consumer 6502. The data we've worked as "BAD BEAR“ of our customers, leads or visitors, employees or other real people in whom our company relates so far has been kept confidential and never shared with third parties who have no interest in. While preserving personal data is a fundamental policy of our company, our company has taken all necessary measures to ensure the security of your personal data with great care. Before any regulation is made, our company and affiliates put a high value on personal data privacy and personal data, adopted it as a working principle and instructed employees to work within this principle. We also commit to abiding by the Law on the Protection of Personal Data as "BAD BEAR". Our company’s principles regarding the protection of personal data also cover our affiliates.

II. Protection and processing of personal data The scope and modification of the ClarifictionText.
This Clarification text prepared by our company is in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (LPPD) Law No. 6698. The data which was obtained from you in accordance with your consent or in accordance with the Law will be used to improve the quality of the services we offer you, as well as our quality policy. "BAD BEAR."  Personal Data Protection and Processing Clarification Text" contains the arrangements for and to protect the data achieved automatically from customers, leads, visitors, employees or others working in partnership with us for the solution.

III. Basic rules on processing of personal data
a) Observing the rule of law and honesty: "BAD BEAR" questions the source of the data from other companies or it has collected and take important steps to ensure that it is provided in accordance with the law and in accordance with the rules of integrity. In this context, “BAD BEAR” shall issue the necessary warnings and notifications to the third parties it transfers in order to protect personal data.
b) In this context, BAD BEAR shall issue the necessary warnings and notifications to the third parties it transfers in order to protect personal data.(Our company acknowledges that your personal data is accurate and up to date as it is transmitted to us by your side. We strongly encourage you to submit your current data in writing to our Company in the event of any changes.)
c) Processing for specific, open and legitimate purposes:
"BAD BEAR" will only process data in limited way to the purposes it offers and for which it has obtained the approval of the persons during the service. It does not process, use or let others use data for purposes other than business
d) Related, limited and measured to their purpose of process: "BAD BEAR" is limited only to the purpose in which it is processed and uses the data to the extent required by the service.
e) Storing for the period stipulated in the relevant legislation or necessary for the processing purpose: "BAD BEAR" holds the contractual data in storing according to the conflict periods in the Law, the requirements of the commercial and tax law and the relevant legislation. However, when these goals disappear, they erase or anonymize the data.
Let us underline that whether "BAD BEAR" has collected or processed data in accordance with the law or consent, the principles listed above still apply.
Maximum Savings Policy

According to this principle, called the maximum savings policy, data that reaches "BAD BEAR" is processed only as needed. Therefore, what data we collect will be determined according to the purpose. Non-essential data will not be collected. Other data transmitted to our company are also transferred to the information systems of the company. Any surplus information is not saved in the system, but deleted or anonymized. This data may be used for statistical purposes.

Deleting personal data

When the statutory periods that need to be kept expires, judicial processes are completed or other requirements disappear, our Company erases, destroys or personal data automatically or at the request of the data subject

Accuracy and data update
As a rule, the data contained in “BAD BEAR” processed by the persons concerned on their declaration. “BAD BEAR” Does not necessarily have to investigate accuracy of the data declared by clients, potential customers, visitors employees, job candidates or persons who have come into contact with “BAD BEAR” the reason is legal terms and our operating principles.

Declared data is considered correct. The principle of accuracy and up to date of personal data is also adopted by “BAD BEAR”. The personal data updated by our Company on recieved offical documents upon request by the data subject. Necessary importance will be taken.    

Privacy and data security
Personal data is confidential and in "BAD BEAR" it respects this confidentiality. Only authorized persons can access personal data within the company. All the personal data collected by “BAD BEAR”  are protected by the techinal and administrative measures to prevent the data from falling into the hands of unauthorized persons and for the protection of customers and leads or visitors, our employees, our applicants not to be victims. Software must comply with the standards, third parties must be selected carefully and data protection policy must be respected within the company.

IV Data processing purposes
“BAD BEAR” is able to store your personal data by legislation, it will be able to keep, update, disclose to third parties, assign, classify and process the information.
Your personal data is being used for:
To confirm the identity of the shopper/performer through the website,
To record adress and other necessary information for contact,
Contact our customers and inform them about the conditions, current status and updates of the contracts we sign pursuant to the related articles of the Distance Sales Agreement and the Consumer Protection Law,
Edit all the records and documents that will be subject to processing on an electronic (Internet) or paper documents.
Fulfill the obligations assumed according to the distance sales contract and the contracts we signed under to the relevant articles of the Law on Consumer Protection,
To inform public officials on issues related to public security as required by legislation when requested,
To provide a better shopping experience for our customers, to inform our customers about our
products, and inform them about the campaigns that are interest of our customers by “considering their interests”,
To increase customer satisfaction, to know our customers who shop on the website and to use in customer environment analysis, to use in various marketing and advertising activities and coordinate electronic and/or physical surveys through contracted organizations,
Being able to offer suggestions to our customers by contracted institutions and solution partners, and being able to inform our customers about services,
Consider customer complaints and suggestions about our services,
To fulfill our legal obligations and to exercise our rights based on applicable legislation,

The collection and processing of personal data by "BAD BEAR" will be carried out for the purposes set out in the Clarification note.

Your Personal Data Processed by "BAD BEAR", for personal data processing purposes in compliance with the legitimate and legal use of our company, is limited to the personal data handling requirements set forth in Article 5 of the LPPD, following the general principles set forth in LPPD and all obligations of the LPPD, specifically the principles of Article 4, for the processing of personal data, and not limited to the data contained in the following classes together, the contact in accordance with article 10 of the LPPD is processed by informing the persons.




Identity Data

The owner of an identified or identifiable actual person; partially or fully automated, or autonomously processed as part of a data recording system; is the data that contains information about the person’s identity; name-surname, ID number, birthday, country of birth, social number tax ID number.

Contact Data

The owner of an identified or identifiable actual person; partially or fully automated, or autonomously processed as part of a data recording system; information such as phone number, explicit adress information, business adress, personal email adress, computer number, system username, fax number, Ip number, acess URL(web),  etc.

Financial Data

The owner of an identified or identifiable actual person; partially or fully automated, or autonomously processed as part of a data recording system; Personal data obtained from the communication established with clients, prospective customers as part of the company’s active business, and the information, documents and records processed, bank data, salary information, social security data, credit card information, e-invoice

Personal Data

The owner of an identified or identifiable actual person; partially or fully automated, or autonomously processed as part of a data recording system; Any personal data processed to obtain information that will form the basis for the personal rights of real persons in work relationship with our Company. (Data such as personal background information, education, salary, commencement date, annual leave, martial status, number of children, husband’s/wife’s profession (for Minimum Living Allowance calculation) etc.).

Audio and Visual Records

This is a data group that contains visual and audio data of the person (camera recording)


The owner of an identified or identifiable actual person; partially or fully automated, or autonomously processed as part of a data recording system; adress information of the personal data owner obtained in the course of our services and products provided by our Company within the framework of the operations conducted by our business units.

Other Data

Driver’s license information, employee’s department information (retail, wholesale, chain store, e-commerce, etc.), Office entrance/exit information, domestic transaction data, health data, customer transaction data.

Work Data

Registry no, position name, department and unit, entry date, employement entry dates, insurance receipt/retirement, allocation no, social security number, number of days, working days, total monthly overtime information, severance pay, additional days of severance pay and notice period for notice pay.

(The data categories above are not limited to the table; we always reserve the right to update.)
V. Customer, prospective customer, visitor, business and solution partners data
As “BAD BEAR”,we process your personal data as a data controller under the law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 and other relevant legislation. Personal data category and comments to process in this scope are as follow:
- ID informations: Name-surname, guest/guest name, ID Number,
- Contact informations: Adress, phone number, email adress
- Financial Informations: Information of e-invoice, bank account details, credit/debit card number and other payment informations, information about purchased products or services, information on the slip made with the credit card (the first four and last four digits, name-surname (card holder), payment quantity, transaction date, transaction time, the bank), information on invoice (name-surname, transaction date, receipt of recieved product, amount paid, adress)
- Customer comment, feedback and complaint data: assessments, opinions or complaints about the product and service.
-Other: Tax authority, tax number, current account information, purschased type-quantity information of product.
Collection and processing of data for contractual relationship
If there is a contractual relationship with our customers, the collected personal data can be used without customer approval. However, this use is for contract purposes. The requirements of the service shall be used and updated by contacting customers as needed for better execution of the agreement.
Partners Data
“BAD BEAR” is the principle of complying with the law when sharing data with both business and solution partners. With the promise of data privacy business and solution partners and only as much data as service requires these parties are forced to take measures to ensure that data is safe.
E-Invoice and E-Achive
(It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that our customer’s email adress and preferred email adress for this contract is correct.) E-invoice; Invoices made in digital platform, not printed on the paper and delivered by servers to recipient and/or reseller. The tax procedure Law of Republic of Turkey was put into effect on 5 March 2010, after being implemented through Tax Procedure Law No 397.

In Accordance with the Tax Procedure Law (TPL), an e-invoice contains all the information should be included in an invoice, whereas the seller and the buyer exchange the invoices electronically. The invoice sent to the email adress provided by the customer to our company is accepted. Upon request by the customer, the invoice shall be physically delivered to the customer (printed out).
E-Archive invoice is the application to createi an invoice, which required by the Tax Procedure Law to be issued, stored and submitted on paper, to be issued electronically in accordance with the conditions of the general Communique on Tax Procedure Law No. 433, and the second copy to be stored and submitted electronically. All invoices expect the ones that are created for taxpayers registered in the E-Archive Invoice Applicaton are called E-Archive Invoice.
Legal obligation of the company or data transactions as clearly set forth in the law
Personal data may be processed without obtaining prior approval in order to clearly state the processing in the relevant legistation or to fullfill a legal obligation determined by the legislation.

User Information and Internet
In case the personal data collected, processed and used in the websites or in other system or applications belonging to “BAD BEAR” the relevant persons shall be informed about the privacy statement and the cookies if necessary. We inform people about our practices on websites. Personal data shall be processed in accordance with the law.
You can Access our website at ( SELCUKLU CLOTHING ACCESSORIES AND TEXTILE PRODUCTS TRADE LTD. STI.” When you visit the “COOKIE POLICY” section you can find detalied information about the cookies we use/will use on our page.

VI. Our Employees and Candidates Data
“ To review clarification texts about our employees and candidates, please visit please review the “employee clarification text” and “ employee candidate clarification text” on our website.”
The personal data of our employees may be processed without consent to the extent necessary for business relations and health insurance. However “BAD BEAR” ensures the confidentiality and protection of the data belonging to its employees.

(For detalied information: read the texts on employee and employee candidates at

VII. Transfer of personal data domestically and abroad

In order to fulfil the obligations arising from the legislation, the personal data may be shared by "BAD BEAR" with its business and solution partners and with group companies, dealers, companies, subsidiaries and public institutions and organizations concerned and law enforcement agencies.
“BAD BEAR” may transfer personal data to the persons and entities listed below for specific purposes;
- Limited to the partners of “BAD BEAR” in order to ensure that the objectives for which this parnetship is established are fulfilled.
- Limited to the suppliers of “BAD BEAR”, to ensure that our company provides services from the supplier outsourced to fulfill our company’s business activities.
- Limited to ensuring that our company carries out it’s commercial activites requiring the participation of its affiliates, BAD BEAR can be offered to its solution partners, affiliates, group companies. “BAD BEAR” has the authority to transfer personal data domestically or aboard, in accordance with the conditions set out by the board in the law and subject to the person’s approval in accordance with other conditions in the Law.
VIII. Rights of the person concerned
“BAD BEAR” acknowledges that in the Law the data subject has the right to get his or her consent before the data is processed, and after the data has been processed, the right to determine circumstance of his/her data. However, personal data owner has no right on the data that must be kept by our company in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations. Data, which is required to be kept as per the legislation, shall be kept by our company for the period stipulated by the legistation.

For the personal data, you can contact relevant person on “BAD BEAR” website
a) To find out whether his/her personal data has been processed,
b) Request information about their personal data if it has been processed,
c) Learn the purpose of processing the personal data and whether they have been used in accordance with that purpose,
d) To learn if their personal data have been transferred domestically or abroad,
e) Request correction of incomplete or inccorrect personal data,
f) Request removal or erasure of their personal data in accordance with conditions stipulated in Article 7 of the law,
g) Request that transactions made pursuant to subparagraphs (d) and (e) are notified to third parties to whom personal data have been transferred,
h) Object to the appearance of a result against the individual itself by analyzing the processed data via automated analysis systems.
i) Damages due to illegal processing of personal data he/she has the right to demand that the losses incurred. However, individuals do not have right on anonymized data within the Company. “BAD BEAR” may share personal data as required by the business or contractual relationship with relevant institutions and organizations to be used by legal powers of a judicial function or of court authority.

Our customers, potential customers, and visitors can submit their request regarding the protection of departmental personal data to the Levent Cad. Alt Zeren Sk. No:31 Beşiktaş / Istanbul, in written form with a signature. Depending on the nature of your request and your application method, the company may ask for additional verifications (such as sending a message to your registered phone or having a call) to protect your rights. Your applications will be answered by our company as soon as possible or within 30 days depending on the content of your application. Furthermore, all applications will be accepted by yourself only. “BAD BEAR” may request further information and documents for applications.

IX.Privacy Policy
The data of the employees or other real persons in “ BAD BEAR “ is confidential. No one can use, copy, duplicate, transfer to others for any other purpose without complying with the contract or the Law.
X.Process security
All technical and adminstrative measures are taken in order to protect the personal data collected by “BAD BEAR” and to prevent any unauthorized Access and to prevent any victims for our customers and prospective customers. Software must comply with the standarts, third parties must be selected carefully and data protection policy must be respected within the company.
Security related measures are constantly being upgraded and developed.
XI. Inspection
“BAD BEAR” shall carry out the necessary internal and external inspection for personal data protection.
XII. Notification of Violations
“BAD BEAR” promptly acts to correct a violation of personal data when it is reported to him that there has been a breach. If the personal data has been acquired by unauthorized persons, will be reported to Personal Data Protection Board immedietaly. It will take necessary precautions.
Any claims made under the Protection of Personal Data Act
The rights to personal data will only be used for individuals who own the data. Request for the data of persons other than the person applying to our company will not be considered. We kindly inform you that we are obliged to share the data with official authorities if such request are made by offical authorities even when such requests have been fulfilled.

Changes to our clarification text on the Protectection of Personal Data and Privacy:
“BAD BEAR” reserves the right to modify these statements. If signifcant change is made to the statement, a link is added to the website homepage that provides access to the current statement. Each change to the declaration applies to the publication of the modified statement on the site. Utilizing any of our sites, products, and services such changes will indicate that you agree to the modified statement in the period.

Adress: Levent Cad. Alt Zeren Sk. No:31 Beşiktaş / Istanbul
Telefon: 0 212 351 20 25


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