''BEAR inside''



We reveal the spirit of the street with the reflection of an original style.

We go beyond standard patterns and inspire street fashion based on the authority we receive from nature.



With our designs, we offer a lifestyle where you can freely express your style and character.

Being rebellious; We believe that it is the call of the wild, the roar of the human spirit, the nobility within us.



Challenging routine is the wind in our hair.

It is an exit door that sets our soul free.

They are attractive details that accompany you at every moment of your life.

These are rituals that change the flow of the game and reflect its style.

From the Hoodie that leaves you alone with your own nature when you pull it on to the socks that give you a clue about who you are...



We are the roar of the BEAR, combining the spirit of the street with the perfection of the wild!

We are in the wings of your soul, in the rhythm of your heartbeat, in the music playing in your ears, in the graffiti on the street walls.



We know that the real good people are brave and distinguished enough to be able to be bad when necessary.

This is the law of free spirits and nature...

Unleash the free and defiant BEAR within you as you enter the door to the world of BAD BEAR.



Bad Boys of the City... Welcome to the Club!







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